Face Mask on COVID19

There’s no doubt about it, medical supplies and masks are always going to be important. They are what we use to save people’s lives. Some important medical supplies include, masks, shields, among others such as gowns and ventilators. Who really knew that this time period was going to get this crazy though. Covid-19 is a crazy time in our lives and nobody truly knows what is going on. That is why it is important for us to do our research so we can be properly educated with the world around us. Covid has changed the lives of so many different people and we need to make sure we are in control of what we can control to stop the slow of the virus. Sadly we will never be able to get rid of it completely, but there are some things that we can do to stop it like make sure all of our hospitals have the right amount of medical supplies that they need in order to complete the Covid-19 procedures.

Corona virus came onto us so fast because nobody was really expecting it. That is why we needed to make sure that we came to help those that need the help when the times do come. Corona is not going to be going away anytime soon and that is why I wanted to write this article, so we could make sure that all of the necessary information was put out in this article. 

One of the biggest things I wanted to educate you on so you can pass it along to those close to you has to be masks. There has been a ton of controversy over the masks and whether or not they work and if people should actually wear them or not. A lot of people don’t even like to wear them because they don’t feel good, make it hard to breathe or they just don’t look good in general. However I am here to say that wearing a mask is going to save millions of life’s if we all wear them. Corona virus is easily passed through our months and germs so wearing a mask will make sure we don’t spread germs when we go out into public. This is really important for a variety of reasons. One being that we don’t want to shut everything down forever. People still need to be able to go out and get their groceries. If we shut down the government for good then people will riot and everything will be completely crazy. Masks allow us to be as close to normal life that we remember without having to worry about spreading germs to those that might be affected by the virus more so than others.

Some masks out on the market right now also help you make sure you don’t get the virus. The virus can be spread through air so the more that you have a mask that can filter the air the better off you are going to be. Only the really good masks can filter the air but if you look around enough you should be able to find them pretty easily. However I also wanted to raise to the issue that there is a huge shortage of masks and not a ton of people are able to get their hands on them. Don’t hoard masks if you find them. One good mask can honestly last you your whole life. A mask will be able to save your life and others, so be smart about that.

There are tons of good cheap ones that you will be able to use once and then throw away. I really like these because then you make sure that you aren’t going to get sick. It is super easy to get sick during this time which is why we need to make sure that we are using the masks to our benefit. 

There is also a rather large shortage of masks in the medical industry. That is why you need to make sure you are checking up on the hospitals as well. They have been running out of masks because our government was not on top of their game for the pandemic. Nothing we can do about it now other than get masks to the people that truly need them. 

Whether you get a reusable mask or a mask you use once and throw them away, whenever you go in public, please wear the mask. It will save the lives of so many different people and it is important that you are thinking of older people and those at risk in this time of need. Also if you have a ton of masks then make sure to offer them up to others so that they can use them if they need them. Tons of people don’t have masks because they can’t find them and other people are hoarding them. 

I really want to thank you for spending the time to read my article on corona virus and the shortage of medical supplies. With all of us working together, we can make sure everyone gets out of this ok. This is a very hard time, I get that, but there are lots of other things we can do to help each other out especially those that are at higher risk than we are. I plan to write many more artIckes about the pandemic because people need to educate themselves on what is going on and what they can do in order to slow the spread. The main takeaway from this article is that we can’t stop the virus, but we can slow the spread. Eventually we will be able to get rid of it all together. This caught us by surprise but we are doing everything we can do to slow the spread from getting way worse. 

Thank you again for reading, I hope you got some information out of this that you will be able to take in and spread to those that you love. It should be some good information.